What Are Shutters And Why Do We Need Them?

Shutters have been used for centuries and were initially developed to serve functions which, in today’s world, are performed by a glass window. Glass windows were meant to replace them and have been able to do so, to an extent but the need for shutters has not vanished at all. Shutters are of various kinds and they can be either collapsed to the side or can be opened and closed like a door.

Need for Shutters

The shutters are needed for a variety of purposes and they include, amongst others:

  • They provide protection against strong winds, and they also control the amount of sunlight or air coming in the house. They are actively employed in places experiencing rough weather as they protect the windows and also other objects placed inside the house. As they could be adjustable, sunlight or air could either be blocked completely or can be regulated as per the need. 
  • They provide aesthetical appeal to homes or eateries or other places, and they can either be used for interiors or exteriors. Designer shutters are also available and they help in giving a luxurious look to homes and restaurants or other commercial buildings.
  • They are also used for privacy and security concerns.

Kinds of Shutters

Shutters have not lost their value over time and have also become versatile and conform to various needs. Common shutters have louvers which are either fixed at an angle or are adjustable. As already mentioned they can be designed and have some artwork imprinted on them. Tier-on-tier type has two different shutters which can be opened and closed independently of each other. Plantation shutters refer to all the interior types and have very wide louvers.

They can be made of a variety of materials:

  • Plastics can be used to make cheap ones but they cannot withstand high temperatures. These can easily fit onto a window-pane as they are flexible.
  • Aluminium is also used to make shutters. It is a good conductor of heat and therefore the shutters made out of it are used on the outside. These provide excellent security and privacy because of its sturdy nature.
  • Wood or timber made shutters is the most common type. The simple ones are not waterproof but they can be laminated. These provide an authentic look and are usually employed to increase the visual appeal.

Shutters have a lot of uses and are also diverse in their kinds and in their material. They are indeed the right choice for designing or upgrading the looks, except for their age-old function of providing protection and privacy.