The top 5 sports influencers from different sports backgrounds on social media

#1 Athlete Influencer – Dude perfect – Most subscribed sports channel on YouTube.

Composing of 47.5 million followers with 81% male and 19% female audience were largely from US, UK and Canada. Dude perfects You Tube channel features of them performing crazy stunts. The crowd of the single males are with 43% of followers aging between 17- 19 years old.

#2 Basketball influencer – Professor Live – YouTube

Composing 61,000 followers, posts basketball tutorials, motivational Q&A’s. Audience includes 21-24 old males.

#3 Frisbee influencer– Brodie Smith – YouTube

Brodie smith covers audience of 4 Million majorly from US, UK, Canada. Gender audience 77% male and 23% Female. Avid Frisbee specialist features other athletes like Tom Brodie and Vernon Davis in his uploads.

#4 Cheerleader influencer–Gabi butler – YouTube

Gabi attracts audience of 17 to 19 years olds.92% of them are female. Gabi has won many national championships titles. Large audience pool resides in UK. She has powerful influence that she teaches cheer clinics alongside other popular cheerleaders.

# 5 Surfer Influencer– Jack Tenney – YouTube

Comprising audience of the age are from 17 to 24 years old with gender audience 73% male and 27% female. Professional skim boarder and long boarder, Jack attracts 1 million views to several millions on his video uploads.

Times have changed and top sports influencers need not be always a celebrity sports stars but also regular people with huge followers on social media platforms. It should be noted that Top sports influencers followers associate a brand more engaging and positive when marketing campaign focuses more on making an experience than promoting a product. Reaching and engaging audience is critical especially for sports industry.